Warminster Honors Shop Owner For Big K9 Donation

WARMINSTER, PA — Officials in Warminster are extending thanks to a local shop owner who, along with his employees and customers, has gone above and beyond in the effort to pay for a new K9 police officer in the township.

Joe Cowhey, owner and operator of ShopRite of Warminster, was recognized by the township board of supervisors on Tuesday for donating $10,500 to the police department to help pay for the police dog.

The $10,500 was raised by store employees and customers through contributions at the register, the sale of t-shirts and raffles held during September and October. Cowhey also donated personally to the total.

“I truly believe that giving back to and supporting the people that have helped my business to grow is one of the best ways I can say ‘thank you,’ ” Cowhey said. “For nearly ten years, the hard-working families of the Warminster community have chosen ShopRite for their grocery needs. My employees and I are proud to be here and will continue to be an active partner in keeping the community safe, healthy and through our support to local organizations.”

The fundraising efforts were coordinated with the help of ShopRite of Warminster’s first intern, Will Marston, who spent several Sundays selling t-shirts himself and tracking the fundraiser’s progress.

Township officials say that, following the police dog’s training, the Warminster Police Department will use it for drug and bomb detection in the community.

Photo courtesy Warminster Township Board of Supervisors

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