VIDEO: RPD K-9 unit trains puppies donated by RACC

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Four puppies that were part of a large seizure in February now have a new home with the Richmond Police Department. 

The Belgian Malinois puppies were donated to the K-9 unit by Richmond Animal Care and Control in May.

The pups are currently residing at the RPD K-9 training facility and will be trained as drug and bomb dogs for the department.

“The City of Richmond wins when our departments work together,” said Christie Chipps Peters, Director of RACC. “This is such a natural collaboration and one that serves the purpose of saving animals’ lives in our shelter that translates to saving human lives on the street”.

RACC is working with the department to cover the cost of food, vet care, and supplies until the puppies are tested out and can be permanently transferred to the department.

“These four puppies are a real windfall for us,” said Sgt. Stuart Hannah. “Quality dogs like these are expensive to acquire and the unit is extremely grateful for this gift from RACC. We’re looking forward to having these dogs help continue to fight crime in our city.”