Sniffer dogs help UAE police bust 74 bomb hoax calls – Khaleej Times

Sniffer dogs helped the Ajman Police address 74 bomb hoax calls in 2017, it was announced on Sunday. The police had received these calls from concerned residents about suspicious bags and packages in public places.

The dogs helped the police ensure that the bags were free of explosives.

Lieutenant-Colonel Saif Obaid Al Shamsi, director of the security inspection branch of the K9 unit, said the dogs have 10 trainers. “Sniffer dogs play an important role in providing the highest level of security in society. They help us fight and control crime, including detecting drugs.”

The dogs are used to secure sensitive sites and places where celebrations take place. In 2017, they helped the police secure and guard 212 facilities.

“Police dogs have become an essential element in tracking down evidence and carrying out many other security tasks. The police’s K9 unit has internationally approved species brought from European countries such as Germany, Hungary and Britain,” added Lt.-Col Al Shamsi.

Among these dogs is the German Shepherd, one of the best and most widely used police dogs in the world. “This species is a highly efficient, highly intelligent dog, with a strong sense of smell.”

The unit has other breeds like the Labrador and Malinois.