Six strays to be appointed by police – Bangalore Mirror

By Bellie Thomas

After a rigorous selection process, six strays from the city will be selected for training with the Bangalore City Police to join the dog squad

Six stray puppies from the city will get an opportunity to train with Bangalore City Police to join the force. The training will be similar to the training offered to the Belgian Shepherd Mallinois, the breed which the Karnataka state police dog squad has.

Police have said that this is a pilot project and if successful, the numbers of stray training would grow in the police department.

Dog guru and dog psychologist, Amrut said, “Stray dogs, aged between three to six months, would be selected carefully by understanding their psychology.” Amrut is an adviser/consultant to the Karnataka State police Dog squad who works closely with the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Ninga Reddy Patil, who heads the dog squad at the City Armed Reserves.

The selection process for these stray puppies will involve checking for their drives, like game drive, prey drive and hunt drive. These are key features for training dogs into police canine officers.

Stray dogs, aged between three to six months, would be selected carefully by understanding their psychology ­

–Amrut, dog trainer

After careful selection, followed by vaccination and healthcare, these puppies would begin training. They will be trained for tracking, scent identification, explosive and narcotics detection. Additionally, as per the understanding and judgement of the psychology of these puppies, the six of them will be trained for different tasks.

If our strays could be trained and if they would detect bombs or drugs and help nab criminals, this could be a boon for India where it will motivate people to keep stray dogs as pet and guards at houses and the animal lovers are a happy lot, Amrut informed.