Police fail to identify Liverpool fan who threw smoke bomb into Chelsea end – Infosurhoy

The mother of the son who was affected by a smoke bomb thrown from Liverpool supporters into the away section during their 2-0 win over Chelsea has revealed that the culprit is still yet to be identified.

Last month, the Reds secured a vital victory over the Blues to keep alive their title hopes – but the match was marred by an incident which left a nine-year-old Chelsea supporter with special needs requiring first-aid treatment.

Donte Patterson-Stanley had to be taken to the stadium’s first aid area after inhaling the smoke, where paramedics checked him over and immediately put him on a nebuliser to open up his airways.

Expect nothing less from them. Landed on a 9 year old apparently. Will anything be done? Obviously not. 🙄 pic.twitter.com/rUIXRQhfrg

He had red, itchy and watery eyes and was coughing non-stop as a result. The experience left the youngster ‘confused and anxious’.

His mother, Frances Stanley, has told Sportsmail that Merseyside Police are yet to find the person responsible for the incident on April 14. Nearly a month on, Stanley has revealed that Tuesday night was the first time the police had contacted her since that day at Anfield.

‘I got a phone call yesterday [Tuesday] evening. They wanted to get more details regarding myself and Donte.

‘My son is now classed as a victim of crime regarding the events that happened on April 14 with the smoke bomb being thrown into the away end. They’re still not able to find the person that threw it though it seems.

‘Donte is OK now apart from having a slight eye infection for nearly two weeks which only cleared up after I got antibiotic eye drops from him. And yes [Tuesday] was the first communication I’ve had from Merseyside Police.’

Sportsmail have tried to contact Merseyside Police for comment.

Following the incident, both Chelsea and Liverpool have been in contact with Stanley.

She and her son attended Chelsea’s Under-23 clash with Arsenal at Stamford Bridge in the hospitality section courtesy of the Blues. The west London outfit also invited them to watch an open training session last month.

‘Chelsea have been brilliant,’ she added. ‘Myself and both my kids were invited to watch a Chelsea development squad game on April 15 at Stamford Bridge VIP, then on April 24 we were invited down to Cobham to watch the players train in an open training day.

Liverpool have vowed to ban for life the supporter who threw the smoke bomb.

‘Liverpool Football Club would like to thank the players, staff, officials and supporters of Chelsea for their compassionate marking of the Hillsborough Anniversary during our fixture at the weekend,’ a Liverpool spokesperson said last month.

‘As ever, the overwhelming majority of those present at Anfield ensured the occasion was a fitting tribute.

‘Regrettably however, a smoke device was thrown into the away section during the second half and we are actively working with Merseyside Police to investigate the matter.

‘Any person found to have committed this offence will be banned from our ground.’

It has been revealed that Merseyside police had pyro detection dogs at Anfield for that match, but with a heavy focus on away fans.

A message to Chelsea supporters attending the game read: ‘Liverpool, with Merseyside Police are taking a robust approach to searching supporters and the use of Pyro’s.

‘Pyro detection dogs will be in attendance, offenders will be arrested and we will seek the maximum football banning order.’ 


Police fail to identify Liverpool fan who threw smoke bomb into Chelsea end