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Japanese family during shopping at downtown in Duesseldorf, West Germany, Jan. 13, 1975. Within the last 15 years, the West German district town Duesseldorf has grown up to the biggest Japanese trade center in Europe. There is only one town in the world, which homes more firms and other installaction from Japan than Duesseldorf. 188 firms, including ten trade houses with the highest turnover rate, six bank houses, four shipping companies, some important insurance companies, 28 of the biggest industrial plants with a turnover rate of 140 billion Deutsch Marks, some restaurants, shopping centers, a school and also a Japanese hair-dressing saloon made Duesseldorf the socalled “Little Tokyo”. At the end of the 1974 year, 2.800 Japanese people lived here. 340 children are taught in the Japanese school here. Also the Duesseldorf town officials registered about 100 Japanese visitors daily. (AP Photo)