We regularly report on the countless GSU and Strike Team drug and gun … a beautiful guard dog, but he is far from ordinary, he is a K-9 officer. The Unit has 7 police dogs that are all highly trained to detect drugs, guns and explosives. Link.

The nonprofit works with law enforcement agencies needing police dogs. A trained K-9 can detect narcotics, bombs and track down missing people … The dog’s ability to detect the slightest residue of drugs continues to amaze the handler. Link.

As the district police … bomb-capturing, arresting accused in political violence cases and patrolling in tension-hit areas, the police here are taking time off to create awareness among students and their parents. “We are analysing phone details of the … Link.

The state government’s use of drug sniffer dogs concentrates disproportionately in areas with Indigenous populations, a new analysis has found. Statistical analysis of census data and police statistics has found a link between the number of young … Link.

The Port Authority police established its canine … unit to include explosive detection animals in response to the crash of TWA Flight 800. The unit has since been expanded to include drug detection. In order to graduate, officers and dogs must pass … Link.

But they would have to face “major hurdles” not to add the new K-9, Koskinas said. Having a bomb-sniffing dog would … each with one police dog. K-9 Atlas was the most recent addition, a patrol and narcotics-detection dog that joined K-9s Koda and … Link.