JOLIET, IL — Sure, police officers get body armor, but what about their drug-sniffing, bomb-detecting friends … vests and other assistance to dogs of law enforcement and related agencies throughout the United States. K9 Sem’s vest was sponsored … Link.

(AP) — Nose first, a police dog searched for narcotics … offering canine training to other departments in 2013. The sheriff’s office also offers refresher training sessions for police dogs and their handlers as well as for an explosives detection … Link.

At any given time thousands of K-9 teams are stationed around the world. Locally, Austin police are busy using dogs for drug busts, bomb sniffing and patrol stops. Both have much to learn from one another and they came together for a joint training session. Link.

Police dogs (K-9) have become vital members of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Trained dogs are used for a variety of assignments, including searching for bombs … by drug dealers while on duty in 1988. The National Explosives … Link.

As police and a bomb disposal crew were leaving the triplex at the corner of 3rd Avenue ‘A’ East and 11th Street East, a young mother who lives in one of three apartments there said she’s frightened about drug activity … two police dogs and someone … Link.

The Explosive and Hazardous Devices Detail of the Tucson Police Department is welcoming its newest member, a bomb dog named Lady … The DEA is working to ban a dangerous, powerful drug that has killed dozens of Americans, but as of now, it remains … Link.

Police have stepped up their search for any sign … not quite a week after he took a cocktail of substances including what’s known as an N Bomb. Superintendent Michelle Stenner said Drug Detection dogs will be patrolling the Surfers motoring event … Link.