Sheriff’s department records suggest the material was actually used to train the department’s dogs – to sniff out drugs. According to department records, on Dec. 11, 2014, the sheriff office’s canine … such as bomb or narcotics detection or … Link.

This was the stern warning that Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba gave on Monday at the launch of the “re-energised” K9 … narcotics. “These officers and dogs are a specialised unit trained to handle among others bomb threats, hijackings, robberies, drugs … Link.

Johannesburg – The war against drugs has been bolstered with the launch of a revamped K9 Narcotics … Police Department, is a specialised team of officers and dogs who are trained to handle hijackings, robberies, bombs, kidnappings and drug-related … Link.

A specialised K9-Narcotics Unit in the Johannesburg metro police … further 19 dogs have been purchased and currently undergoing intensive training and assessment in explosive and narcotics detection. The K9-Narcotics Unit will focus on drug-related … Link.