Chico, a police dog who worked with … He had 16 finds and 28 surrenders. As a bomb dog, he went to 61 incidents. Travelers at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport may have seen him. He was there 170 times. “K9 Chico was a loyal and faithful partner who loved … Link.

Specialist dogs cloned from the best drug … explosives and drugs. The animals were tested in Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha Republic. Ministry spokesperson Maria Mironova added: ‘The cloned dog did not pass the control test of our canine service.’ Link.

Croft founded Universal K9, a dog training company, in San Antonio, Texas, in 2000 and started training guard dogs, explosives detection … put down so many drug busts, it’s incredible,” Croft said. Croft gives the dogs to police for free. Link.

He’s not your typical police dog … to be the department’s official drug sniffing dog. But Max, who lives with Chicorelli and has become the family pet, will still come along for the ride, even though his bomb-sniffing days are over. Link.

CCPD receives donations for new K-9 … police department K-9 Unit said goodbye to their partner Kimbo, in September — but thanks to a donation they’ll welcome has five dogs, including Tanja and Quina in narcotics, bite dogs Kimbo and Indy, and bomb … Link.