… is the fourth dog to join North Myrtle Beach’s police canine force. He joins two other narcotics dogs and one bomb dog. However, Diesel’s advanced narcotics training means he will be sniffing out drugs, helping serve home warrants, and searching for … Link.

After a police search team – including dogs, a helicopter … had taken a drug he believed to be LSD with his friend while on holiday in Cornwall. But the drug turned out to be the former legal high, N-Bomb, and had powerful adverse effects. Link.

Dingo specializes in finding drugs, but is also used for patrol on game days. The UAPD’s K9 Division was started in 2010 specifically … and have – because they are two of only seven “bomb dogs” in the state. Back on campus Orry, Leah and Dingo … Link.

They say someone shot and killed a family’s dog … Sperry Police Department, the Tulsa Police Department bomb squad and other agencies disarmed an explosive device in Sperry Tuesday night. Federal agents are stepping up the investigation into drug thefts … Link.