Everyone is welcome to come and bring your dogs, cats, rabbits, etc., or come without a pet. K-9 officers from Glendale Police Department will demonstrate training skills in bomb or drug sniffing 3:30 p.m. on Dove’s patio. Any cash donations collected … Link.

METHUEN — Police dog Buddy and his handler, Methuen police Officer Timothy Getchell, are back with the force following the completion of 16 weeks of explosive … on Drug Charges following a K9 search SAPD Canines Duke, Xander Sniff out Narcotics during … Link.

We regularly report on the countless GSU and Strike Team drug and gun … a beautiful guard dog, but he is far from ordinary, he is a K-9 officer. The Unit has 7 police dogs that are all highly trained to detect drugs, guns and explosives. Link.

The nonprofit works with law enforcement agencies needing police dogs. A trained K-9 can detect narcotics, bombs and track down missing people … The dog’s ability to detect the slightest residue of drugs continues to amaze the handler. Link.

As the district police … bomb-capturing, arresting accused in political violence cases and patrolling in tension-hit areas, the police here are taking time off to create awareness among students and their parents. “We are analysing phone details of the … Link.