Parents in the Louisville, Kentucky area are turning to non-police drug … for The Last Chance K9 Service in Louisville, which advertises to schools, concerned parents and events that might desire a dog to sniff for explosives or drugs. Link.

Several regional law enforcement agencies participated in K-9 drug and bomb detection training at Aikin Elementary School Jan. 28. The multi-agency exercise helped local and federal law enforcement officials sharpen their dog handling skills through … Link.

A memorial service for police K9 officer … detect explosives and narcotics much more efficiently. Canines are also utilized as ambassadors in various roles of community service. There is no machine that has been manufactured that can mimic a dog … Link.

Insider Louisville (press release) (registration)
Bombs, guns and drugs: Private K-9 unit looks to protect kids from all three
Insider Louisville (press release) (registration)
ScentLogix's clients include the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Hong Kong police, Disneyland and others. The products give off the same smell as various drugs and types of bombs. ScentLogix claims that dogs

That dog has the perfect personality for bomb detection. The process of training a bomb dog, also known as an explosives detection canine, is a simple association … the War on Drugs for narcotics dogs and the War on Terror for bomb dogs. Link.