A police dog, often referred to as a K9 Dog, is trained specifically to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel in their work. Today, police forces in use k9 dogs to track criminals, sniff out drugs and bombs, search buildings, and do other … Link.

The children had a rare opportunity to catch our Police dogs in action while they undergo training to detect narcotics and explosives … K9 unit for their guided tour. The first demonstration we watched was how a narcotics detection dog could detect drugs. Link.

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS — Sniffing for bombs and … Brunswick Hills police officer and K-9 handler Heather Stask meets with the group, called Buckeye Area Regional K-9 (BARK), once or twice every week to take the dogs through various drug-sniffing and tracking … Link.

That is only after applying and being accepted into a special police unit usually after showing strong interest in working with these dogs and already exhibiting excellent proficiency as a patrolman Police K9 … narcotics, guns, and bombs (Green, 2004). A … Link.

The Huntsville Times – al.com (blog)
Huntsville police K-9 unit trains dogs from across Southeast
The Huntsville Times – al.com (blog)
Untrained, a dog costs around $7,500. Trained, they can bring in as much as $15,000. Huntsville uses German Shepherd breeds from Europe. They're not the only dog used in K-9 units, but Huntsville's had good experiences with them, so they keep buying …

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Well, you can hire a trained dog to sweep for bombs and drugs through a private service. Results are left to the discretion of the client. Pretty much any dog that is certified is also working as a police dog … to hire a private bomb sniffer? Link.

Inside, an electronic arsenal keeps at bay terrorists, firearms, bombs, narcotics and farm pests. The arsenal includes hi-tech gadgets that detect explosives and drugs … of police work. On “common detector dog day” at the Air Canada Centre, canine … Link.