NEW BERLIN – Part-time New Berlin Police Officer and K9 handler Tom Miller – joined by his partner Nitro – have been formally certified in state-required police dog drug and … area searches, drug and narcotic detection, bomb and explosive detection … Read more.

The Star-Ledger –
To keep transportation hubs safe, NJ Transit Police dogs hunt for bombs, drugs
The Star-Ledger –
The law enforcement representative with the close-cropped blond hair and jutting jaw paced the platforms of New Jersey's busiest train station, searching for signs of suspicious behavior. He checked for explosive materials in the slots of ticket

A police dog, often referred to as a K9 Dog, is trained specifically to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel in their work. Today, police forces in use k9 dogs to track criminals, sniff out drugs and bombs, search buildings, and do other … Link.

The children had a rare opportunity to catch our Police dogs in action while they undergo training to detect narcotics and explosives … K9 unit for their guided tour. The first demonstration we watched was how a narcotics detection dog could detect drugs. Link.

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS — Sniffing for bombs and … Brunswick Hills police officer and K-9 handler Heather Stask meets with the group, called Buckeye Area Regional K-9 (BARK), once or twice every week to take the dogs through various drug-sniffing and tracking … Link.