Police dogs, similar to Orkan, serve local police departments by helping search for drugs and explosives … The police dog is a dual-purpose canine for the police department; he is performs drug searches as well as aiding in search-and-rescue missions. Link.

An explosive-sniffing dog looks for explosives and a detection dog looks for drugs,” Major Adel said. Police dogs … of sports trainers. “A K9 trainer must be able to perform specific tasks with his dog, such as bomb and narcotic detection, human … Link.

Sharjah: Their help in police … the remarkable canine abilities for a number of investigative purposes — dogs can swiftly locate drugs (their sense of smell is 50 times more sharp than of humans), missing persons, runaway criminals, explosives, stolen … Link.

For my dog, it’s strictly patrol and tracking, but the dogs can also become narcotics dogs or bomb dogs.” Atherton Police Department has another canine officer, Qancy, who is handled by Office Krystal Pronske. That dog is from the Czech Republic. Link.

A special swearing in ceremony for Milwaukee Police. The department has two new K-9 Officers. Kass and Enox (sounds like n-o). The dogs will be used to help with drug and explosives detection, suspect pursuits and missing people searches. The K-9’s replace … Link.

These new canine teams will join 46 other DPS teams stationed throughout Texas, including seven explosive-detection … trained DPS Troopers and dogs are a part of the department’s efforts to detect and disrupt drug trafficking operations across the … Link.

It’s really an avenue for the kids to bond with a cute, cuddly dog,” Hein said. “Since Kissinger is also the DARE (Drug … K-9 program, we can eliminate response times from outside agencies that are called to assist when we investigate ‘bomb … Link.