Wright said it is the goal of the program to purchase two police dogs. One of the patrol dogs is expected to be cross-trained in explosives detection and the other dog cross-trained in narcotics detection … quicker response to bomb threats and the … Link.

Person-borne explosive detection dogs have the ability to scan up to 150 people per minute and locate weapons, narcotics or explosives, according to the K9 training company working with the police department … Having a bomb dog is really a need … Link.

trooper kevin kotter with canine sheeny. explain to folks what these canines can do that you guys cannot do. >> they can smell better than we can so we use their nose ability to do things such as look for drugs, narcotics, bombs and trailing people … Link.

If we have a drug … dog, Balzer and King will assist. The Purdue police currently has three different dogs in service, all Dutch Shepherds. King is now the departments second dog trained in narcotics, and they also have a dog trained for explosive detection. Link.

TheTown Council recently gave the green light for the Dyer Police Department to purchase and train a second K-9 officer that will be both a school resource officer K-9 and able to detect explosives … supplement the narcotics/tracking dog that currently … Link.

Cooke said police K-9s aren’t brought out for preventative measures. “They come out when there is a problem, not to prevent one.” Cooke got a bomb dog … on the K9 Security Detection Services website, www.ksds-llc.com, drug users cost their … Link.

“With the concern for explosives and issues confronting police departments today, the public expects and the police department is happy to provide this resource to our city,” Riverside police Lt. Christian Dinco, the K-9 … dogs and a drug-sniffing … Link.