Jet, a border collie who is one of two canine officers with the department, is the only bomb-detection dog serving on a police department … Among the tasks the department’s canines have helped with include drug searches, school searches, searching … Link.

Pretend bad guys dressed up to assist the dogs and their human partners in police training … Throughout the three-day training, K-9’s also practiced how to assist in arrests, and drug and bomb detection. Link.

The Delaware State Police and municipal … for patrol included; K9 obedience, tracking, building searches, vehicle searches and wooded area searches. Many Delaware K9 units recently received national certifications in drug and explosive searches. Link.

It takes a special canine … The dog is guided by his inner instinct. A police dog of the explosive safety department, at a training ground of the Moscow Metro police dog unit. Dogs here are trained to sniff out narcotic and psychotropic drugs, as well … Link.