Officer Donald Gmitter told school directors that a Uniontown City Police officer who is the handler of a certified bomb dog will return to duty in November and that the use of his K-9 will be sufficient in the event of any future bomb threats in the district. Link.

a Chocolate Labrador Retriever bomb dog who joined the ranks in 2015. The Maryland State Police K-9 unit has been in operation for over fifty-five years. Since 1961, K-9’s have assisted law enforcement in drug detection, search and rescue missions … Link.

You’ve heard of hunting dogs and search and rescue dogs. There are drug-sniffing dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs. And now, the increasing canine specialization brings: historic and prehistoric human remains detection dogs. Adela Morris trains these and founded a … Link.

Because of the growing risk fentanyl has for police K-9s during drug searches, the Madison Police … One of the K-9s is used for bomb detection. Officer Jim Donnell is a K-9 handler and works with his partner, Krahnie, a 6-year-old German shepherd. Link.

Merner said Portsmouth K-9s are trained to detect for drugs and the city has access to police dogs that can detect gunpowder. He said the Portsmouth dogs will also be trained to sniff for explosives … offered to do K-9 drug sweeps, but the School … Link.