I figure it is there to protect us from explosives, and if it sniffs out drugs along the way … In its own brief, the National Police Canine Association reports that in two and a half years of service, Franky sniffed out narcotics in nearly 400 of … Link.

Police dog sniffs are an infringement upon privacy, a right protected by the Fourth Amendment, says Jeffrey Meyer in The New York Times. This method of search is often unreliable and shouldn’t be performed unless necessary, he says. Link.

Police: $8,000 Found In Mail, Suspected Drug Trafficking … bomb squad was called out to Aspinwall to check out a suspicious package in a precarious place Friday afternoon. Canine Sniffs Out … Link.

While police have long relied on dogs to sniff out drugs, the military’s embrace of dogs trained to detect bombs is saving lives on the front lines. Last week, K9 … dog to the force, how to sniff out drugs. Most dogs are either trained to detect … Link.

NEW BERLIN – Part-time New Berlin Police Officer and K9 handler Tom Miller – joined by his partner Nitro – have been formally certified in state-required police dog drug and … area searches, drug and narcotic detection, bomb and explosive detection … Read more.

The Department of Aviation told the custodian at O’Hare International Airport “no” last month … and dedicated space for the airport’s bomb squad, SWAT teams, and K-9 units. Link.