Gator is a specialized dog that is focused on detecting bombs before events on campus. There’s a new dog in town at the University of Minnesota Police Department, a lively Labrador with a superb snout. The dog, Gator, completed canine training May 25 … Link.

K-9 Bowie is a 4-year-old Dutch Shepard police dog from Holland … set of keys belonging to a class participant. In addition to drug sniffing dogs, HPD has one K-9 unit specialized in bomb detection – a gift from 5th Special Forces Group at Fort … Link.

Washington has been honoring law enforcement officers for National Police Week, but another hero got the spotlight on Thursday: bomb-sniffing dogs. Canine teams and their … ability to detect explosives, uncover narcotics and screen passengers. Link.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — Police officers from all over Western New York were in Cheektowaga Wednesday afternoon getting training in obedience and sniffing out drugs and bombs. You guessed it — these are K-9 officers … explosives that the dogs aren’t able … Link.