Well, you can hire a trained dog to sweep for bombs and drugs through a private service. Results are left to the discretion of the client. Pretty much any dog that is certified is also working as a police dog … to hire a private bomb sniffer? Link.

Bombs in airplanes, drugs … K9 units are so useful in search and recovery because, in both situations, the dogs are trained to find dead or dying cells. While many of the teams that trained in Yates County work in all areas — tracking, narcotics, explo … Link.

Efforts to raise money for the La Crosse Police … Byerson’s dogs to help with drug investigations, but he retired last year. “We’re looking to have a full K-9 program grow out of this,” Thompson sai… Link.

Inside, an electronic arsenal keeps at bay terrorists, firearms, bombs, narcotics and farm pests. The arsenal includes hi-tech gadgets that detect explosives and drugs … of police work. On “common detector dog day” at the Air Canada Centre, canine … Link.