19 K-9 line of duty deaths this year highlight police dogs' important jobs
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“They can do things that we can't,” he said, noting that during searches for bombs or other explosives police may not find dangerous materials until too late if dogs are not used. “When everybody's given up all hope of finding a person who committed a



Police canines bring special skills to dangerous job
When Rocky died earlier this month after he was ejected from a Riverhead police car pursuing a suspect, he joined 18 other fellow K-9 officers killed in the line of duty in the United States this year. The 8-year-old German shepherd was also part of a


A 44-year-old Lewiston man is wanted for drug trafficking after police found large amounts of methamphetamine … Nearby businesses were also evacuated and the Fairchild bomb squad was called to ident… Link.


Police, K-9 to conduct safety sweeps at Norwalk schools – The Hour
NORWALK — With false alarms and mass shootings on the rise, many students and parents are welcoming the idea of increased police presence and …

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