Our view: Woof justice for police dogs – NW Evening Mail

BRITAIN prides itself on its unarmed police force.

Yet increasingly, tasers and armed response units are being used or deployed during incidents to protect public safety.

In spite of this, the fight against crime also remains heavily reliant on police dogs, which were first introduced 131 years ago to hunt down the original Jack the Ripper.

Today they are deployed to sniff out suspects, find drugs or bombs, search for missing people, deter baying mobs or help in the hunt for clues at crime scenes.

For the dogs themselves, of course, it’s all a game. For society at large, the work they do on our behalf is invaluable.

Just last month, 19 police dogs were given animal OBEs for their heroics in the London terror attacks.

And today, Finn’s Law has come into effect.

Finn was stabbed in the head and chest by a 16-year-old wielding a 12-inch hunting knife as it leapt to the defence of its handler. Thankfully, Finn and PC Dave Wardell lived to tell the tale and the heroic actions of this canine super dog have now been officially enshrined in law.

It is now an offence to harm or abuse an animal, including police horses, acting in the line of duty. Rightly so.

Our police force, and their four-legged friends, deserve every protection.