OHS drug sweep comes up empty

Police with canine units conducted an unannounced drug sweep at Oneonta High School on Wednesday morning, Lt. Christopher Witzenburg of the Oneonta Police Department said, and no contraband was found.

The school and law enforcement also conducted a lock-down of the building to meet an annual state requirement, Witzenburg said. Lock-down procedures involve securing doors, evacuating students from hallways and limiting access to the building, he said, and practice is in case of situations such as a bomb threat, intruder or other emergency.

For the 10 am. exercise, 11 officers were present with four state police cars with canine units and five OPD vehicles, Witzenburg said. Dogs sniffed at lockers during the sweep, which resulted in no drugs found, he said.

“They came up with nothing,” he said. “It’s good news for the district.”