North Port PD welcomes Jett –

NORTH PORT — A Fort Lauderdale man is helping to make North Port a bit safer.

Jurgens Musha on Tuesday donated a German shepherd to city police. Police will pay to have the dog, Jett, trained to serve on the city’s K-9 squad.

The 2-year-old shepherd joins three dogs assigned to North Port Police Department. One of the dogs was also donated and is trained to sniff out ordnance such as bombs. The others are for narcotics and tracking people, like lost children and suspects.

Jett will ultimately be used sniffing out drugs and tracking people.

But first, he must endure hundreds of hours of training in order to work his beat, North Port police chief Todd Garrison said. “Absolutely a great addition,” he said of the leashed purebred welcomed Tuesday by commissioners.

Jett was seemingly more eager to sniff the place than receive the glad-handing.

Musha, who is attending medical school and spent around $5,000 on him for obedience training, said law enforcement seemed best for Jett’s natural disposition as a worker.

“I have friends in police forces,” he said, noting that Jett is donated and that no compensation was asked for. “It’s where he belongs.”

Interesting side note: Florida police dogs are being weaned as marijuana trackers, as medical pot and possible recreational legalization would harsh that demand.

So Jett will get imprinted with other illegal drug scents in his job with North Port PD.

“If (he) helps deter drug usage, it’s well worth everything,” said Musha, accompanied to the city by his father Renato.