National K9 Veterans Day honors dogs who serve

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tuesday is National K9 Veterans Day!

It’s a day to recognize and say thank you to all dogs that protect and serve. That includes K9s working with the Kansas City Police Department.

The K9 unit is one outfit officers love to join. Once they’re here, they don’t leave.

KCPD has more than a dozen K9s spread throughout the department. FOX4’s Kerri Stowell met up with one unit that has 12 dogs. Four of them are bomb dogs, the other eight are pros at sniffing out drugs.

Officers said the K9s are the best partner you could ask for. They do more than search — they help protect when there’s danger.

That’s why there is a day to honor all K9s who work to protect and serve, including military, police, customs, border patrol, service and therapy.

“You spend more time with the dog than you do your own family, so you really get attached to them and it’s hard to leave the experienced dog at home and start with a new dog,” said Ofc. Dave Edwards, KCPD Canine Unit.

Officer Edwards has worked with K9s for 29 years. He said he’s had five dogs during that time.