Letter: Is anyone else tired of the Tacoma News Tribune (TNT) telling our city what to do? – The Suburban Times

Readers may remember when the TNT – aka, in effect, drug-dealer – editorial board had then recommended Lakewood drop its basically silly scruples and allow marijuana to be sold in the city.

Wrote the editorialists:

“Principles are well and good, but they don’t keep the lights on, and they don’t pay for recreation departments or police officers.”

Yes, they really wrote that.

What a sad commentary on our clueless-media-influenced culture when principles – principles – and people’s lives for that matter, take a backseat to profits.

And now, this birdcage-liner declares Lakewood is again out-of-step with neighboring municipalities in allowing not one, not two, but nearly three whole days – to hear the TNT shout it – of propagating terror; bombs bursting and raining from the air; war zone blitz-krieging explosives ringing ears everywhere.

The TNT’s advice amounts to the old juvenile playground adage of ‘everyone else is doing it’ only in this case Lakewood is “silly” (TNT’s emphasis) to not join with other cities in limiting fireworks.

Here’s an idea for the TNT to put in their pipe and smoke it. Opine for an end to Seattle’s Independence Day and New Year’s Eve Space Needle smoke-filling-the-air fireworks extravaganzas.

Then come tell us why our child’s measly sparker, Roman candle, smoke bomb box of goodies should merit a $2,650 fine as it does in Lakewood, CO, tickets issued by extra agents placed on patrol to focus solely on extinguishing pyromaniac propensities.

And, in the process, do your due diligence to educate the public (you know, your job) on how one rocket – one, let alone the hundreds fired from the Needle – releases “a toxic mix of chemicals and particulates into the air” such poisons “linked to negative health implications such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, asthma attacks, and even heart attacks with people at greatest risk those with heart and lung disease, older adults and children.”

Then, maybe, we’ll listen.