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GIBSONIA (KDKA) — Residents in a community in Gibsonia woke up Saturday morning to police, canine units, fire crews, ATF officials, the bomb squad and Hazmat teams outside of a neighboring home.

Authorities were called to the neighborhood of beautiful homes, which sits on an Arnold Palmer Golf Course, during the early morning hours and were on the scene for most of the day in the 2000-block of Condor Lane in Treesdale.

“It’s just hard to believe that something like that would be here,” Shari Gaubert, a neighbor, said.

It was during a police call at 1 a.m. that officers made the discovery.

“Chemicals, which would indicate there may have been some bomb manufacturing going on inside the home,” said Chief Bob Amann, of the Northern Regional Police Department.

From that point, the normally quiet street went into lockdown with bomb-sniffing dogs, Hazmat trucks and emergency responders searching the home.

“They said, ‘Look, we’re not sure if there’s any hazardous material in there. We’d like you to leave for about three hours,’” Dr. Joe Romano, a neighbor, said.

As the home – which according to Allegheny County Property Records is owned by Theresa Gaugler – was searched, she and her kids were told by police that they weren’t allowed in.

“You never know what the situation was, so I wouldn’t want to pass judgment on that but you kind of do have to know what your kids are doing,” said Gaubert.

Police say there was no parental supervision at the time of the bust, and that they found an alleged hallucinogenic mushroom-making operation and what they call a fairly large amount of marijuana inside.

According to the police chief, officers were called to the home overnight and found evidence of a possible underage drinking party.

Police say paramedics were also called to the home when a 20-year-old was found unresponsive overnight. That person was taken from the residence by ambulance to Passavant Hospital, and there is no word on a condition.

Neighbors say it’s not necessarily the drugs, but the bomb-making materials that scare them.

“I’ve never had anything like this happen before, but as I said, to me it’s more sad than anything else,” added Romano.

The police chief is set to meet with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office on Monday to see what charges will be filed.

The home is set to be professionally cleaned, and the family will be allowed back in on Monday.

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