Hong Kong police uncover high explosives after taking pipe bomb suspect, hooded and chained, to village for evidence search – Yahoo Singapore News

Police uncovered about 100 grams of high explosives buried in farmland outside a village house in northern Hong Kong where they had taken one of 10 men arrested in connection with the seizure of a powerful pipe bomb to search for evidence on Thursday, investigators said.

Officers also revealed they arrested the wife and mother of the 29-year-old suspect after the search at the house, which police believed was being used as a laboratory for making explosives.

was cordoned off by police before a plain-clothes officer led the suspect, who was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans, on a metal chain into the village.

The property in northern Hong Kong was cordoned off for Thursday afternoon’s search. Photo: May Tse

Officers from the force’s elite key points and search division led the operation, with three sniffer dogs also deployed. A police spokesman said the operation was carried out to gather evidence.

Senior superintendent Chan Tin-chu said tests were needed to establish the power of the seized explosive. “According to intelligence analysis and investigation, police believe the seized explosives were intended to be used at a large-scale public event to attack police officers or the force’s facilities,” he said.

Police defuse ‘powerful’ pipe bomb in Hong Kong flat and arrest three men

Chan said the two women, aged 27 and 57, were suspected to have handled the explosives. All three live together.

The male suspect was among 10 men arrested in a series of raids across the city on Tuesday and Wednesday, during which police also seized cannabis, flammable liquid, bulletproof vests and helmets.

The pipe bomb, the first such improvised explosive device found in the city, was discovered in a subdivided flat in Mong Kok on Tuesday. Police also said they had uncovered a makeshift laboratory for producing explosives in a Sheung Shui flat.

Police believed the suspects, which included five students and a kindergarten teacher, were members of a radical anti-government group.

Three sniffer dogs were involved in the police operation. Photo: May Tse

Chan, of the New Territories North regional crime unit, said the device would have been used to target officers and police facilities.

Police arrested the 10 suspects on suspicion of conspiracy to manufacture explosives, possession of explosives, possession of illegal drugs, unlawful assembly and possessing instruments fit for unlawful purposes.

Detectives from the New Territories North regional crime unit are handling the case.

There have been a series of bomb threats in recent months, which police have linked to anti-government protests that have rocked the city since June.

In December, two home-made devices were found in Wan Chai on school grounds.

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