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In Fort Lupton, smart and hardworking dogs are trained to serve the K-9 police units and military. Damian Perez works for the Westminster Police Department as handler and master trainer for the K-9 unit. He trains their dogs as part of his job. Damian has been training dogs for nine years and handling for 15 years.

“My true satisfaction is that dogs are trained to find the narcotics or explosives on the streets. It’s rewarding knowing the guys out there are safe,” said Damian Perez.

Damian and his wife, Traci Perez, own Xcaliber Tactical K-9 Solutions and Blue Line. Blue line is the dog training business and Xcaliber Tactical designs the working dog vests.To assist their training, the Perez’s own a facility tailored for their work. Some rooms are designed to train dogs to snuff out narcotics and explosives. Besides that, there are homes for dogs. They also train new litters of puppies once a year and have a special whelping room to care for the pups.

The Perez’s work has garnered them national attention on TV, Working Dog Magazine and Police K-9 magazine. Damian Perez trains the dogs for special jobs such as tactical and detecting for narcotics. They also train other dogs for different services, such as general service, emotional support , person protection, private individuals and they just added puppy training.

“We currently trained a dog for a veteran who has PTSD really bad. Damian and I donate a puppy to veterans through Blue Line and donate harnesses through Xcaliber,” said Traci Perez.

The Perez’s also offer a service from $200 to $500 for a certified narcotics dog to come to your home to sweep the house for drugs.

“If drugs are found we notify the home owner, it’s the home owner who will decide on what to do with the drugs whether to call the police or dispose of it,” said Traci Perez.

The Perez’s also train dogs to test for explosives. For example, the Denver Nuggets use explosive dogs to search coaches, equipment and luggage before departing Denver. Apparently, the team doesn’t have to go through TSA. Most of the dogs the Perez’s train are from Holland. They breed Belgium Malinois and Dutch Shepard’s for training. These types of breeds are preferred for police training because they have limited health issues and no problems with stomachs and hips.

In addition to English, the dogs also have learned to receive commands in Dutch. The pups start command training at eight weeks old. Blue Line is currently training dogs for the Westminster Police Department, its dogs are trained for up to eight weeks and are certified for the road.

The dogs are fed with health treats such as, celery, blue berries, cucumbers, bananas and oranges.

Dillon Williams, Traci Perez’s son, is trained as bite decoy and has been training the dogs for up to six years. The bite decoy plays a crucial role in training a police dog for its job. Williams suits up in a bite decoy protection suit and trains the dog to apprehend the suspect and protect its handler.

“It’s a sense of accomplishment we are doing amazing things, and are doing good in the sense of law enforcement and the military. It makes me feel good. My future plans are to go into law enforcement,” said Williams.

Xcaliber Tactical K-9 Solution- the Perez’s other business, designs special vests for police dogs. The vests, which are similar to an officer’s belt, are made by Traci Perez with an industrial sewing machine. “I’ve been creating the vests since 2013. In 2009, I started to do research and trained with the K-9 units. That’s how I met my husband who was a police officer with the K-9 unit. He wanted a harness that can do everything he needed, also to stay on the dog the whole shift. He couldn’t find one on the market. I started watching to what they were doing, how they trained and came up with a pattern,” said Traci Perez.

The vests are a sturdy two-part system and are fail safe so the dog can’t get out. It keeps the dog safe working out in the field. They also design military and police harnesses, special custom harnesses, harness for puppies and a design pattern for a ballistic vest.

“It’s a design that if an officer receives a high risk call the bullet proof vest can be attached to the dog’s harness. It gives them the same level of safety as the officer,” said Traci Perez.

“The vests have three-year warranty and cost from $600 for a plastic button style and $700 for a metal button style. It’s a good quality vest that lasts longer and over the long run it provides health benefits,” she said.

Lastly, Traci has also trained dogs that I’ve jumped out of helicopters. When jumping out, the brute force of the wind can injure the dogs’ shoulders. So, she designs vests to support a dog’s spine, which prevents additional injury.

“It ensures a better quality of life and an ability to have a longer career, said Traci Perez. “The handle on the top of the vest makes it easy to grab the dog like a suit case. It’s been beneficial for workers comp claims. The officer can handle the dog in way they couldn’t handle the dog. Also, the dogs are putting their bodies at minimal risk,” said Traci Perez. Traci Perez also was able to design a special vest for Isky a military K- 9. Isky was stationed in Afghanistan working with the roadside IED bomb team and his handler retired Sargent Robert Wes Brown.  Isky used the same vest before and after he was injured.  On one of their missions, Isky and Brown were severely injured which ended both of their careers.  Isky lost his leg, front chest and shoulder.

“I was contacted by Brown to modifiy his vest that could give Isky balance. He needed help to get to his apartment which is on third floor. He sent the harness and asked me not to wash it, but modify. I created a prosthetic shoulder to give Isky balance that he still uses today,” said Traci Perez.

“Its work and it is fun. The dogs are the happiest when they are working and to make you happy. They want a job, “ said Traci Perez.  



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