Detector Dog

one specialty area such as patrol work (apprehension, tracking, and searching or detection work of either explosives, narcotics … To determine the effectiveness of K9 unit in detecting bombs. Research Design The descriptive documentary research was … Link.

These dogs are also trained to differentiate and ignore prescription drugs, as well as find money that has the scent of narcotics … Explosive devices have become a real threat, especially since the Boston marathon bombings a few years ago. Bomb dogs … Link.

Killeen Police Officer … every year at National Narcotics Detector Dog Association competitions throughout the United States. Officials estimated Lando, who was purchased for $5,500, helped seize more than $400,000 in street drugs. Link.

Most police K-9s are dual trained in either explosives and patrol or narcotics and patrol. But the dogs are never trained to track both drugs and explosives because the way the K-9 alerts its handler to drugs is different from how it alerts to bombs. Link.