Cape Town’s top drug dog is perfect mix of sensitive and Savage

“A number of our canines are new, so officer Savage is setting a wonderful example for the rest of the team,” said Le Roux.

“His performance in the first six months of this year … has included sniffing out drugs hidden in trees and even underground.

“Officer Savage is an asset to our efforts to curb the illicit drug trade, and we felt it appropriate to award him with a service medal in recognition of his efforts.”

Savage’s olfactory superiority accounted for six arrests and the confiscation of unga, mandrax, cocaine, tik and cannabis.

He is one of 25 dogs in the canine unit, which specialises in detecting narcotics, explosives and copper.

In the 12 months ending last month, Le Roux said the unit was responsible for 156 arrests, most of them drug related.

“Over the years, drug dealers have become increasingly creative in hiding their wares, but our dogs are up to the task,” he said.

“They have enlightened their handlers with these finds, so now officers know how to adjust their search patterns when they conduct operations. They are also a criminal’s worst nightmare.”