FLINT, MI — There’s a new member in the Flint police … department’s existing K9 unit, which includes another German Shepherd named Edo that specializes in bomb detection. “Right now, we have a explosives and tracking dog, and this one is a narcotics … Read more.

Heat warnings for those working in the summer temperatures extend beyond humans; police dogs work through all temperatures in protecting our community. Joplin’s Main Street Pet Care hosted a “K9 … narcotic detection. They are in the process of getting a … Read more.

King, a 17-month-old Dutch shepherd trained to detect drugs … drug detecting police dogs are valuable to the community and the prosecutor’s office is pleased to help departments get a K9. King joins Purdue K9s Macho, which is trained in explosive … Read more.

If you don’t have the need for a detector dog, you can usse K9 Global’s superb drug or bomb dog teams search services. K9 Global has been in the business of dog training and contract searches for a long time, providing quality services for schools … Read more.

That will allow the department to purchase and train a patrol canine cross-trained in nitrate (bomb … drug detection and can track criminals or missing persons,” Povero said. “The new dog will certainly enhance our K-9 unit and the safety of a police … Read more.