These new canine teams will join 46 other DPS teams stationed throughout Texas, including seven explosive-detection … trained DPS Troopers and dogs are a part of the department’s efforts to detect and disrupt drug trafficking operations across the … Link.

It’s really an avenue for the kids to bond with a cute, cuddly dog,” Hein said. “Since Kissinger is also the DARE (Drug … K-9 program, we can eliminate response times from outside agencies that are called to assist when we investigate ‘bomb … Link.

The Providence Journal
Newest members of many college police departments, including URI: Bomb dogs
The Providence Journal
Many colleges have used dogs for years to look for drugs. And while some larger schools have had explosive-detection dogs for a while, there has been an uptick in the past year or so, said David Bousquet, president-elect of the International

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