Gunny is Sullivan’s first assignment as a canine … drug evidence detection, and suspect apprehension. The release said Gunny is “an important tool in policing.” The department also has two Labrador retrievers assigned to the department’s bomb … Link.

At about a quarter to 5 p.m., a bomb-sniffing dog alerted handlers of … Clyde Doty of the New York State Park Police explained to assembled media members, “As part of our routine security measures, we conduct K-9 explosive sweeps of designated areas … Link.

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — A man who claimed to have a bomb that could “take out the room” barricaded himself inside a suburban Atlanta bank Friday, sparking an hours-long standoff that forced police to bust through a brick wall of the building and ended when … Link.

Terre Haute, Ind (WIBQ) – Two new canine … dogs came to light after bomb threats earlier this year at Terre Haute North High School. The department currently has five dogs that are trained to find narcotics. Officials say that training dogs to sniff out … Link.