That doubles the size of the Island’s Police … bomb and explosive detection. They’ll also join in the tracking work, with both dogs trained to search for missing people, and tracking suspects. Dutch, who has four years of service in P.E.I., specializes … Link.

K9 Officer Collin Rose, 29, was patrolling an area several blocks from the school campus Tuesday evening when he investigated the presence of a man, who allegedly shot him. Rose had two bomb- and narcotics-sniffing police dogs in his vehicle, but they are … Link.

Kristian Thomsen and his canine … dog has a particular expertise beyond their search skills. Dutch, who has been working for the people of Prince Edward Island for 4 years, has expertise in drug detection. Fleck, the new dog, brings specialized bomb … Link.

ARIZONA STRIP — Mohave Area General Narcotics Enforcement Team conducted a search warrant at the Arizona Strip Monday that resulted in five felony arrests and the seizure of drug … Bomb Squad, and the Kingman Police Department Bomb Squad and K9 Unit. Link.

DETROIT — Wayne State University Police K9 Officer … car with his two dogs. It’s standard policy for officers to patrol alone, police said, It’s also standard policy not to get the dogs — which are trained for narcotics and bomb sniffing — out … Link.

DETROIT — Wayne State University Police K9 Officer Collin Rose has died … keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.” He was a K-9 officer, who had both a bomb dog and a narcotics dog. Both were in his vehicle when Rose made the stop … Link.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – A bomb stuffed inside a padded … notified authorities of the results of a drug screen where an eight-month-old child tested positive for exposure to methamphetamine. Investigators told police that Amber Herring and Bill Hall Jr … Link.