Held from May 7 to 11 and hosted by the Pocatello police K-9 team, these handlers and their canine companions trained at Idaho State University’s Turner Hall and South Complex in narcotics and bomb detection … Tuesday morning. “Dogs, if they are … Link.

The Florence Police Department has four canine units — one trained just to detect narcotics; two dual-purpose dogs used for patrol and drug detection; and one dog trained to detect explosives. Gargis said the department hopes to add another dog soon. Link.

Twenty-six police dogs from agencies around the three-state region will be tested today and Thursday on their ability to find hidden drugs. The field trials, using both vehicles and furnished rooms, are part of the U.S. Police Canine Association’s … Link.

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Illinois police official threatens to euthanize K-9 drug search dogs if the state legalizes weed
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The report notes that narcotic-trained K-9s detect marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and methamphetamine, but would need expensive retraining to become bomb-sniffing dogs.. Larner explained that a retrained dog might still alert their handler to

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