Newport News Police Department selected four new dogs for … a dual purpose canine specializing in patrol and narcotics detection. Jakk, a 1-year-old German Shepherd from Poland, will be a dual purpose canine trained in both patrol and bomb detection … Link.

Keeping the community safe is a ruff job, but there are a few dogs who are willing to take on the responsibility. The Newport News Police … K-9 partner is Jakk, a 1-year-old German Shepherd also from Poland. Jakk will be trained in both patrol and bomb … Link.

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From guide dogs to police dogs and search-and-rescue dogs, we look at what makes labradors Britain's top dog
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One of the reasons for the labrador's universal popularity is the fact they are equally good as working dogs or family dogs. Their gentle, eager-to-please temperament means they are great around children and other animals. If I think of labradors, I

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Paws up for the newest, furry partners of the Valenzuela City police. The city has joined the short list of local government units in the country that maintain their own team of bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs. Valenzuela’s new K-9 unit is composed of … Link.