Many of her Chilbrook Labs go on to become working dogs that seek out explosives, narcotics, or missing people … is not there,” said Tracy Campbell, former K9 Team Supervisor at the Fayetteville (N.C.) Police Department and chief trainer at K2 Solutions. Link.

“There are two types of dogs used by the police: a trekker and a sniffer … Even if a criminal is hiding among hundreds of people, once a sniffer catches a whiff of a drug or explosive, it will sit on its haunches and stare at the culprit,” he … Link.

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombian officials say eight police … bomb exploded as they escorted a caravan of government workers belonging to a land restitution unit. Authorities attribute the attack Wednesday to the ruthless Gulf Clan that dominates drug … Link.

And like Nevie, who was born in Germany, few bomb-sniffing dogs are bred domestically … When needed, she is loaned out to police departments who don’t have a K-9 unit for search-and-rescue missions. Chief Deputy Sheriff David Faust said courthouse … Link.